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I want to grow my social media and I hope you like my content, look at my links, and follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I am committed to provide great content on my Social Website ( back to work, family, and community- my journey) and my Business Websites ( mortgage loans, loan modification, and debt mitigation- info and education ).
I have worked on this for the last year and this is the list of must do items to grow my network and provide better content.
1. Continue to build a list of e-mail addresses from past clients, current clients, possible future clients, friends, associates, relatives, neighbors, service providers, medical professionals, legal professional, real estate professional, bulk mail senders.
2. I will actively start recruiting for my Professional Business Network with website optimization by Smart Guy.
3. I will include recommended links with all content.
4. I will provide recommended reading and video content on my blogs.
5. I will provide content to the blogs I follow and web magazines that publish my articles.
6. I will fuel this information by continuing my licensing, mortgage, and business education.

New Business Venture

I have become a loan officer for Frost Mortgage Lending Group. I remain a consultant at Capital Freedom Solutions for loans and refinancing. Please see my website at

As a loan officer I can provide the best rates for home loans and refinancing.  Conventional, FHA, VA.  The best rates anywhere.  See my website and contact me with questions.

Job Hunting like a Great White


Business Blogs

Monotony is the law of nature.  Look at the monotonous manner in which the sun rises.
The monotony of necessary occupations is exhilarating and life-giving.
–  Mahatma Gandhi

I have sent 97 applications for jobs and have heard back from 3 potential employers.  I went on the interviews with high spirits and anticipation.  I dressed properly.  I researched the company on Google.  I was ready for questions and had prepared answers.  I possess the skill set needed.

I arrive on time.  I walk into the interview.  I review my skills with my interviewer.  I answer the questions.  I all cases, I was more than qualified for the position offered.

I have not gotten a job, yet.

What is wrong?  5 years away from work.  But,  working at home is work.  I manage projects:  Operation Valentine – 1200 packages to troops in Iraq;  Baking philanthropy at a senior center; Book Club.   I schedule and calendar events –  My daughter: school, voice competition, piano lessons and competitions, golf lessons and tournaments.   I assist with papers, projects, Geometry, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations,  supplementary home schooling.   In addition, I am a Notary and have been taking continual classes in Finance, Legal, etc.  I entertain for business and family.   I haven’t forgotten what I learned in Business School or Law school.  But,  I am not seen as qualified.

Frustrating… but the shark must keep moving.

I have just sent out 10 more applications.  I remain hopeful and enthusiastic.   I am putting a critical eye on myself to see what I can do to change the tide…

I have started a small business in debt mitigation and consulting.   I had my first mailing of 1000 cards.  I got 5 responses,  about 1/2 % return.   Not bad.  This is considered standard for a mailing, I hear.   I have 3 clients now.  I hope to get more.   I am providing them excellent service and I have successfully helped 1 client already.    I am encouraged about the business.   However,  I will continue to seek work, because I need a  job both to help the family and finance my start up.

Below is a website that offers a bunch of resume templates.  Update and improve  your resume today.

Happy job hunting.