Thoughts on Gratitude and Thankfulness…

Happy Thanksgiving! with Marines- Aaron and Chris


This may seem like stream of consciousness…After a challenging year, as many of you have experienced, we made it to Thanksgiving, 2010.  The economic situation has hit us and many changes have been made.  Some have been practical and others have been subtle.  In some respects  I have become more solitary.  I am spending more time reading ( I belong to two book clubs), I am cooking more…Thanksgiving dinner was insane!!!.  I am fine tuning the home, and spending more quality time with my daughter.   Not so bad.  On balance the practical changes have been sensible. Ultimately, I wondered why we did not make them earlier. 

My career took a turn. Who would have ever thought that I would  or could ever be an entrepeneur!!! Never!!!  Movement forces change.  Usually, it is for the good.  But, like all change it is painful and somewhat like stepping into the unknown.  Imagine a scroll rolled up and start unrolling it. We see a sequence of images that begin the scroll and as we unroll it and move closer and closer to the end, we see new images appearing with the ones at the beginning fading into the background.  This is a  picture of change.  Now let us unroll the scroll completely and look at it altogether. The same images are there that we saw in sequence. But now, we see them all at once. This is the perspective of  change – suddenly you are no longer who you were or thought you were.  If you’re lucky, you’re better.  As Henry Miller said “Life is constantly providing us with new funds, new resources… In life’s ledger there is no such thing as frozen assets.”

So here I am.  Grateful to have movement.   I am  joyously aware.  Happy holidays to all.  Looking forward to 2011.

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