The Illuminating Fan Letter

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I am not starting this post with a poem about fan letters.  I have never written a fan letter.   I don’t know why.  But now that I am blogging, I must have happy fingers or the muse because I wrote my first fan letter….to Gary Null of Gary Null’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Program.  Now, you might wonder why I chose this book.  My first fan letter should have come after a tearful and pensive closing to a romantic or mind altering book by some author like Anne Tyler, Tobias Wolff, Paul Coehlo, Tom Clancey, Ian McEwan, Anchee Min, Lisa See, John Grisham, Maya Angelou, etc.

I believe we always honor our fiction writers more.  BUT, NOT I.  I think that if someone writes a book that has no plot except to get me off my —chair—and into the gym and makes me stop drinking so much diet soda,  I want to HONOR that author.  Write on.

I don’t intend this to be a book review, but Mr. Null covers the following topics in a logical and interesting manner, so you feel you can start right away.  Boy, do I need it.

He covers: the theory of aging, all the serious diseases and how to protect yourself from them, life extention techniques,  the Ultimate Anti Aging program and diet, exercise,  the importance of warm ups and cool downs, aerobics, food, meal planning, how to keep  your mind active and healthy, vitamins and other supplements, and RECIPES.   This is a great book.

Ok.. I actually wrote a illuminating fan e-mail. Happily,  I received a quick response from Mr. Null who told me someone on his staff  would check-in on my blog to see how I was doing and I would receive  2 behavior DVDs.

My first venture into fan letter writing went well.  Next time,  I will have to try sending a letter to a Nobel laureate whose book I love and see what happens.


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